Girl x Kodak


The collection includes skateboards, wheels and apparel featuring classic Kodak color schemes, film stocks and logos mixed with Girl Skateboard’s iconic “OG” logo and branding. I absolutely love this collaboration because it mixes two of my passions, photography and skateboarding. The iconic logo of Kodak just pops off and looks fantastic on these boards. 

Growing up, Kodak was all our family used for taking photographs and making home movies. Kodak was a house hold name and I commend them for partnering with a skateboard company, especially Girl, a team that I feel embodies the spirit of what Kodak represents to me. I will definitely be picking up a few of these, especially the McCrank deck. 

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“The Kodak brand continues to resonate with people across the world,” said Brian Cruz, Vice-President and General Manager, Consumer Products, Kodak. “The skateboarding community is no exception. In fact, skateboarders have embraced Kodak film over the years, and we are excited to help create a line of gear and clothing that captures their love of the brand.”With the new collection focusing on retro style, it is also looking forward to the release of a new film shot on Kodak 8mm film. It features skate parks, campsites and the Girl Skateboard team on their road trip from Seattle down to San Francisco.

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“Girl videos have always been partially shot on film. The 20 plus years of our archived photos are all shot on film,” said Sam Smyth, Girl Skateboards. “The Kodak brand is so synonymous with skateboarding to me, this collaboration feels completely natural. To work with Kodak officially, and for it to come out so cool, is extremely rewarding.”

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When Nature Calls

With the new collection focusing on retro style, the Girl team picks up a new Kodak Super 8mm camera and hits the road. It evokes classic surf/skate road movies of the past and features an opening sequence that really sets the mood. Personally, I find the film footage to look fantastic. It creates an atmosphere that can not be matched. My only knock on the amazing When Nature Calls is that I wish the whole film was shot on 8mm. Every time the edit switches cameras, it jolts my attention and pulls me away from the overall vibe of the film. That said, it's easily one my favorite videos from this year. It gets me amped and I've had it on repeat for days. Check it out for yourself below!