Enjoi x Jim Houser

As I relaunch Pushing Raleigh, I wanted to start off with something I am passionate about; Collaborations.

Music, art, skateboarding, film, they all weave their way through each other but when they converge, I often find it exceptional. Many of my favorite skaters are artist themselves and most at least dabble in other creative outlets. However, I hold a special place for those collaborations with artists, that even though they may skate, are outside the skateboarding industry. I feel they bring in a different perspective, merging two worlds into one. Often I find myself wanting to hang these decks instead of skate them. On some occasions, I've even been known to purchase two, one for the road and one for the wall.

What better place to start than with last year's Enjoi x Jim Houser collection.

Enjoi continues their tribute to skater artists with the Jim Houser Collection. While Houser's art has made an impact far beyond the world of skateboarding, he's been molded by skating from the start. This six board series showcases clean and seemingly simplistic images that provoke feelings and experiences we can all relate to. Watch the video to take a peek into the life and artistic process of a widely respected artist who's never lost his connection to skateboarding. 1

Houser is firmly cemented in the skate world having collaborated with numerous companies over the years, from Toy Machine to Etnies, and most recently Foundation. He said in an interview over at WoodLead:

"Most of the lasting bonds I’ve formed with people over the last 30 years were directly or indirectly related to to skateboarding. Before being a husband, before being a father, even before being an artist, I self-defined as a skateboarder. It ultimately ended up destroying my body, but I wouldn’t trade my place in it for anything. One of the things about my artwork that i am most proud of is that the skateboard graphics I have done which have given me my tiny piece in the story of skateboarding."


Revisiting Jim Houser's work over the past few days, I have to say that his Enjoi collaboration has been my favorite to date. I think it's Houser's iconic figures, displayed over solid shades of reds and blues, that does it for me. They seem to just pop off the deck. Simple yet stunning. 

While I have hundreds of skateboards, I only have a few hanging in my home right now. Four of the six in this collection are among them. Enjoi x Houser, celebrates two passions; Art and Skateboarding.

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