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The goal of the Collective Podcast is to provide you with some new tracks, some old tracks, and maybe some material you’re not familiar with. It’s also something we hope you will enjoy from start to finish. If you’d like to appear on the podcast let us know! Make sure to click the above iTunes logo to subscribe today.

11/7/07 New Podcast!


Belle and Sebastian - Your Cover’s Blown
Castanets - Sway
Phosphorescent - Cocaine Lights
The Shins - Sailor Girl (Live iTunes Session)
Yeasayer - 2080
R.E.M. - I’ve Been High

10/10/07 New Podcast!


Squidbillies Open - Billy Joe Shaver
Destroyer - Stormy
Transatlantique - Beirut
Just What I Needed - The Cars
Midnight Confessions - The Grass Roots
I Got A Letter - Half-Handed Cloud
Wizard - Mariee Sioux
Knives Out (radiohead cover)- The Flaming Lips
Turn Up The Faders - Nathan Asher & the Infantry
Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton

10/2/07 New Podcast!


Beck- Time Bomb
Jens Lekman - Friday Night at the Drive-In Bingo
Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya
Doc and Merle Watson - Little Maggie
David and the Citizens - Now She sleeps in a Box in the Good Soil of Denmark
Summer Hymns - Mr. Brewer (cackle, cackle)
Animal Collective - Peacebone

Here are the Collective Podcasts from the past. More to come in the future as we get things revving back up here.


My Brother the Native - Octopodidae
Clarence Carter - Patches
Frog Eyes - Idle Songs
Grizzly Bear - Owner of a Lonely Heart
Midtown Dickens - Airplane (demo)
Beirut - Postcards From Italy
Charles Latham - Nite Man
Rosie Thomas - Much Farther to Go

.: PODCAST 13 (Best of 06 pt. 2)

Joanna Newsom - Cosmia
Midlake - Young Bride
Swan Lake - All Fires
Cat Power - Lived in Bars
J Dilla - Workinonit
Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums and Shrines II
Danielson - Did I Step on your Trumpet

.: PODCAST 12 (Best of 06 pt. 1)

Sufjan Stevens - I Saw Three Ships
Drakkar Sauna - Om, John Surratt
Xiu Xiu - The fox and the Rabbit
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - Strange Form of Life
Metallic Falcons - Disparu
Thom Yorke - The Clock
Johnny Cash - God’s Gonna Cut You Down
Band of Horses - The Funeral


The Choir of All Saints, Honiara - God Yu Tekkem Laef Blong Mi
Danielson - Five Stars And Two Thumbs Up
Dr. Octagon - Earth People
Millie Jackson - (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right
Beck - Black Tambourine
Anna Oxygen - Fake Pajamas
Swan Lake - All Fires
Joanna Newsom - Cosmia

.: PODCAST 9.1

Beck and Willie Nelson - Drivin’ Nails In My Coffin
Old Time Relijun - Wolves and Wolverines
MC5 - Kick Out the Jams
Johnny Cash and the Original Tennessee Two - Rock Island Line
Midtown Dickens - AM Dial
Cat Power - Werewolf (live @ Nacht-Mix Lounge)
Midlake - The Jungler (alt. version)
+/- - Leap Year


Marvin Gaye - The World Is Rated X (Alternative Mix)
Xiu Xiu - Vulture Piano
Brian Wilson - 11 (from Paley Sessions)
Alec Ounsworth - Telling the Truth
Tyrone Evans - Let Them Say
Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys - John Henry
Washington Phillips - What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
The Lamb Called Light - Lead Thou Me


Jealous Guy - Donny Hathaway
The Chills - Peter Bjorn & John
Don’t Cha - Xiu Xiu
Wildcat - Ratatat
The Friendly Beasts - Sufjan Stevens
Dirty City Blues - Jennifer O’Connor
Winged/Wicked Things - Sunset Rubdown
I’ll Fly Away - Reverend Gary Davis


James Brown - Down and Out in New York City
Magnolia Electric Company - Lonesome Valley
The Mountain Goats - See America Right (excerpt)
Kris Kristofferson - This Old Road
George Jones - Hello Darlin’
Tender Forever - Then If I’m Weird I Want To (Planet Claire Sessions)
Seabear - Singing Arc
Tapes n’ Tapes - The Illiad
Midlake - Young Bride
Syd Barrett - If It’s In You


Lindsey Buckingham - Holiday Road
Xiu Xiu - The Fox & The Rabbit
Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums and Shrines II
The Beatles - Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Melody
The Flaming Lips - War Pigs (Live Stockholm 5/06)
Weezer - Lullaby For Wayne
MSTRKRFT - Work On You
Girl Talk - Warm It Up


Lady and Bird - Stephanie Says
Bonnie Prince Billy - Cursed Sleep
Johnny Cash - God’s Gonna Cut You Down
Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks
Pablo Moses - Pave The Way
Modern Skirts - N.Y. Song
DJ Shadow - This Time (I’m Gonna Try It My Way)
Lily Allen - Smile


Goblin - Suspiria (Celesta & Bells)
Witch - Seer
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - In This Home On Ice
Gene Moore - Church Organ #2
The Animal Collective - Grass
Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock
Viktor Vaughn - Saliva
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Instrumental)
The Rance Allen Singers - Lying On The Truth


Metallic Falcons - Disparu
Espers - Rosmary Lane
The Animal Collective = Must Be Treeman
Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory - Feed Upon the Sand (Dntel Remix)
Shugo Tokumaru - Mist
Ben Gibbard - Recycled Air (Acoustic)
Sufjan Stevens - For The Widowers In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypisilanti
Spider - Midnight on the Nile


Stuart A. Staples - That Leaving Feeling
Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums And Shrines II
Sufjan Stevens - Dear Mr. Supercomputer
Dr. Octagon - Ants
The Knife - Heartbeats
Camera Obscura - Come Back Margaret
The Mountain Goats - Woke Up Now
Paleo - Pelican, Pelican
Peaches - Slippery Dick