Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds

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I just received

Live at Radio City: Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds

in the mail today and I'm floored! You won't find me writing about many "main stream" bands on this site, but when something like this hits the shelves, it would be a disservice not to mention it.

Before this release I had my old copy of

Under The Table and Dreaming

and Dave's last double cd with Tim Reynolds. That was it. I really love Dave's sound, but sometimes the band gets in the way. That stripped down "blue" cd is an amazing record that always finds it's way into the cd player, and when I listened to

Live at Radio City

for the first time I immediately knew this was going to be in the same category.

First off it's a lot of the newer material, Lilywhite era and beyond, some of it I wasn't fond of on the proper releases, but after hearing these songs in the intimate acoustic setting, they are new and instant favorites. This cd really lets, not only dave and tim's guitar skills shine, but dave's talents as a songwriter are brought to the fore front and it's like hearing some of these songs for the first time.

There is a wonderful cover of Neil Young's

Down By The River

, and a few staples such as

Crash, Dancing Nancies, and Two Step

throughout the 2 disc set. The release is truly a remarkable effort and for $15.99, it's worth every penny. This is a must own album, not just for DMB fans, but for fans of acoustic music at it's best.


Disc 1

1. Bartender

2. When the World Ends

3. Stay or Leave

4. Save Me

5. Crush

6. So Damn Lucky

7. Gravedigger

8. The Maker

9. Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)

10. Eh Hee

11. Betrayal

12. Out of My Hands

13. Still Water

14. Don't Drink the Water

Disc 2

1. Oh

2. Corn Bread

3. Crash Into Me

4. Down By The River

5. You Are My Sanity

6. Sister

7. Lie In Our Graves

8. Some Devil

9. Grace Is Gone

10. Dancing Nancies

11. #41

12. Two Step


Live at Radio City: Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds