Can't Stop Watching

Unofficial video for the new Kanye West single “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” which stars comedian Zach Galifianakis and Will Oldham

From Claw Productions:

Director: Michael Blieden
Producers: Zach Galifianakis, Inman Young
Director of Photgraphy: Michael Blieden
Editor: Michael Blieden

Blieden's notes:
On June 1, 2007 I got a one line email from Zach that said, "this sounds like a joke but it is true. kayne west wants me to lip sync his new video. can you fly to NC to shoot it? " There was very little discussion in advance other than that. Hiring the cloggers was Zach's idea, and Inman was able to track them down. For all the ridiculousness you see here, I have to say we took the song very seriously. We asked ourselves, "What if two farmers from North Carolina set out to make their own Kanye West video...and succeeded?" Special thanks to WIll Oldham for his inspired turn as the inbred cousin. This was my first real use of slow motion and lip syncing, which is a common trope in music videos. The cloggers needed something very fast to clog to, so we played the song back at 150% speed. That was good clogging tempo, but challenging for Zach to lip sync to. Special thanks to the rowdy group of 12 year olds hanging out in front of the library in downtown Sparta who started yelling "Whacha filming NERD!" while I was all alone with the production gear.