Nathan Oliver

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When I heard Nathan Oliver's music, literally my first thoughts were, "where has this guy been?". How have I managed to overlook a great talent in my own backyard? ( Unfortunately I'm sure this happens more often than I like to think) Then I read his one sheet and the first line reads, "Where has Nathan Oliver been hiding all this time?" See I'm not the only one, but I'm glad I found him.

On his S/T release on Pox World Empire, Nathan creates somber/shaded pop-folk with just enough edge, just enough to get you moving and excited about what music in the Triangle area can be.

He belongs somewhere in between an Elliott Smith heart with a Shins/Spoon feel, scoring a Wes Anderson film, and underlying it all is something I've yet to put my finger on. That something that is waiting to break out. Who knows, maybe it has and I'm just not privy to it yet, but what I do know is that Oliver joins a growing cast of amazing troubadours living in the area and you just need to listen to the tracks below to hear it.

.: Black Ship White Sails
.: State Lines Pt. 1

Nathan will be performing tomorrow night (May 20th at 8pm) at The Blend in Chapel Hill with The Watchers (Chicago), Shakermaker, Betty and the Boys, and LA Toy.

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