J. Tillman: Cancer and Delirium

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It's truly unbelievable how good J. Tillman really is. I could just leave it at that and the songs would speak louder than anything I have to say, but I'll try.

Morgan King, Yer Bird Records, (and congratulations to him for this amazing release) gave me a copy of J. Tillman's Cancer and Delirium recently and this has been near hands down a cd that has not left my side.

Gone are the overly striking comparisons to Neil Young and through his own abilities as a musician, took what was to be learned from Jason Molina, drunken nights with Ryan Adams (I'm imagining now), and has even surpassed, which I thought could not be done, Long May You Run J. Tillman, and has created the emensly rich and dark masterpiece that is Cancer and Delirium.

Banjos abound, guitars corralled, organs bellowing, and Tillman's broken cries make Cancer and Delirium one of the best winter albums I've ever heard. I know it's not winter, but some albums, Tonight's the Night for example, is a winter album to me. One that needs to be experienced in the dark, preferably cold, room alone with a bottle and your thoughts. Like a night alone in a cabin amidst the woods with Jeremiah Johnson ideas and a candlelight ceremony of epic proportions, J. Tillman is everything that is right with music today.

From the absolutely gorgeous Ribbons of Glass, to the somber, church like devotion of How Much Mystery, to the thoughts of the rusitc Tim Buckley dream I had when listening to A Fine Suit, J. Tillman's Cancer and Delirium must be placed in, not only "best album of the year" praise, but possibly, one of the top 25 albums of the past 5 years. It's just that good.

Below are two tracks from the release with links to purchase. I know I say "must own" alot, I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it, but if you don't buy another album all year, buy this one, you won't be sorry.

.: Ribbons of Glass
.: Evans and Falls

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