The Bowerbirds

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Hymns for a Dark Horse marks the first release for the aviary known as The Bowerbirds, released on the newly formed Raleigh/Durham label Burly Time Records (Grayson Currin and Brad Cook)

There is a real sense of passion and heartfelt warmth that I hear on this release that was only sparsely played out on the prior material I've heard from the band. A polish that has yet to fade as I spend these summer days opening my wings to dry out and be embraced by the comforts of The Bower Birds.

Without a doubt, The Bowerbirds (Phil Moore, Beth Tacular, and Mark Paulson) are the latest gem to be mined from the earth in these parts...and for good reason. They make acoustic wind with gypsy eyes that blows over the brook and through your hair like a graced hand, providing that sanctuary I know you've been looking for.

A real sense of comfort and openness overcomes me as they take flight --- Moore's vocals fill the speakers and don't let go as he plays with the instrumentation and harmonies of Tacular, and we get a real sense of a band being stronger as a whole than it's individual parts.

Let go and enjoy the ride as they perform their dark earthy folk/pop tunes for all to hear--- Trust me, they'll bring you back upon the shores in which you started the journey, only this time your heart has been warmed and you're ready for the release.

Below are two tracks, with Dark Horse being a more fair representation of the album as a whole, but I had to include In Our Talons because it's a favorite (along with The Ticonderoga). The Bowerbirds are currently on tour with The Rosebuds, but you can get your fill locally this Saturday, May 19th at The Bickett Gallery alongside Summer Hymns, The Never, and Deleted Scenes.

.: Dark Horse
.: In Our Talons

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