The Avett Brothers

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At over six years of perfecting their art, The Avett Brothers have become one of North Carolina's premiere acts. Sold out shows, the constant touring and perfecting of their sound, a recent gig on Conan, and now a new lp released May 15th entitled Emotionalism.

The Avett Brothers are the trio made up of brothers Scott and Seth Avett, alongside friend Bob Crawford. They make acoustic folk music in the sense of their instruments of choice, but through the intertwining of guitars and banjos, we hear perfect 60's harmonies and lively backdrops, that create a perfect hybrid of rustic thoughts and pop dreams, not to mention the overly sincere vocals that are to die for.

Emotionalism is a culmination of a passion that runs deep. The album expresses a beauty and desire for love, laughter, and heartfelt memories, all the while, living in coffin thoughts. The desire for such things, no matter how presented, are forgotten in today's world, on not only a musical level, but in life in general. Listening to the brothers Avett is like being washed with creek side waters emerging clean and refreshed and reborn in hope.

If you haven't experienced The Avett Brothers by all means follow the links. Below is a sample track.

.: Will You Return?

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