Windmill: Puddle City Racing Lights

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Matthew Thomas Dillon is Windmill and with his first proper release, Puddle City Racing Lights, due out April 16th on Melodic, available now for advanced download, be prepared to be blown over.

Vocals that conjure up mixed thoughts of Daniel Smith or Daniel Johnston and musical stylings that play modern circus pop based and built upon the intertwining of keen piano skills, swooping arrangements that incite, and sprinkled with the otherworldliness of The Flaming Lips spirit. All this, accompanied by a slew of friends...and a new Famile is born.

Overall, Puddle City Racing Lights is an ambitious debut record and one of the bright spots of the year so far. The release takes us on a great musical journey and I'm sure it's one that will demand multiple spins throughout the year. Below is a track from the release with a link to acquire the advanced release.

mp3 Tokyo Moon


Advance Download Windmill