William Fitzsimmons: Goodnight

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If soothing, almost heart breakingly, stunning acoustic folk is your ear, and it's always mine, then William Fitzsimmons' recent release, Goodnight, are the lullabies you have been searching for.

From the soft calls, to the banjo and guitar laden background on Hold On With My Open Hands, to the journey we take on Find My Way Home, to the pain soaked, but elegantly composed Everything Has Changed, Fitzsimmons has created a near masterpiece in every since of the word. He has created a life changing album, at least for me, providing the soundtrack for many changes in my life and I feel more secure, safe, in knowing Goodnight has been there.

While a few tracks might ride the line for some, Goodnight as a whole, and more importantly the tracks mentioned above, are songs that any musician would die for. Some people wait their whole life to create a small crack into the wall of music, but with Goodnight, William has broken that wall down and when he crawls through the crumbling rocks he looks up at you, embraces you and calls you his brother.

A must own release that sits nestled in my top 10 of 2007. Highly recommended and a must own!

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