Priestbird: In Your Time

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An epic battle at the sands of time, sonic guitars juxtaposed against the ghostly vocals create an ebb and flow through a galaxy of stars... light pierces the soul upon crescendo and sets us free. Season of the Sun recalls these thoughts and it's the track available below and it's the second track on Priestbird's release In Your Time.

Formally Tarantula AD, a shedded carcass, a molting if you will, from earth to flight and Priestbird was worth the wait.

The three original members (Saunder Jurriaans, Gregory Rogove, and Danny Bensi) still tackle the AD, but with the new tracks they have created as Priestbird, they have reached a higher plain, a welcoming blast of rock that summons up feelings of a modern high bred of a Black Floydian Sabbath, with hypnotizing vocals and striking instrumentation that was strived for as AD, but finally achieved fully as Priestbird. My favorite tracks are Season of the Sun, the thrashing yet luring, Hand That Draws, and the chilling title track, In Your Time. The instrumentals Jackyl and Guest Room are also mesmerizing. Highly recommended!

mp3 Season of the Sun

Don't miss these guys on May 11th at Local 506 with Pit er Pat.

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