Panda Bear: Person Pitch

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In terms of innovator I have always thought of The Animal Collective as the Beach Boys of our generation. This may be a stretch for some who only know the "surfy songs" of The Beach Boys, but just visit Pet Sounds and you will get my drift. With Panda Bear's solo effort Person Pitch we find out who's the Brian Wilson of the group. Whimsical, playful, light airy vocals, the album just cries out "Brian Wilson", only with a a wicked modern twist that only Panda Bear could do.

I think this is by far the best release of the year. I am so in love with this record that ever since I got it, nothing else has been listened to. From start to finish, layer upon layer, the listener is whisked away to that world where dreams are made of. Where nothing else in this world, all the sadness, suffering, and hopelessness dissolves away, and a smile comes across your face.

Less frantic than anything the Animal Collective has put out and not nearly as depressing as 2002's Young Prayer. A rejuvenated, refreshing sound, that if this album and the upcoming Avey Tare release, Pullhair Rubeye, are any inkling of the direction of what the next Animal Collective album may sound like, then we are in for an amazing trip and a monumental release.

Hands down, the best LP of the year, and one of the most influential and innovative releases I've heard in a long time, Panda Bear's Person Pitch is a remarkable stroke of genius. Below is a track from the release with links to acquire. Enjoy.

mp3 Comfy in Nautica


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