Bonnie 'Prince' Billy : Live Edinburgh 2006

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[photo of BPB live giovedì, febbraio 02, 2006 by Huncke]

I mentioned this show last month I believe, but since it is no longer available for download, and we're trying to regain some steam here, I'd thought I'd post it.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy w/ Harem Scarem
Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland
April 12, 2006.

Oldham performs with Harem Scarem in this radio broadcast. IT was not the complete show, but was the complete broadcast. The original post credited leex100 on Big O with the sharing of these tracks, and in turn credit is given here. Enjoy a really great performance.

.: Intro
.: A Minor Place
.: Love Comes to Me
.: Molly Bawn
.: New Partner
.: Is it the Sea? - My Home is the Sea
.: Master and Everyone
.: I See a Darkness

Also make sure to grab The Strange Form Of Life EP, released today. New Parter, which is featured above, is also featured on this EP.

Download Bonnie "Prince" Billy

[more amazing photography by Huncke]