Sibylle Baier: Colour Green

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In the darkness of Germany, while her family lay fast asleep, Sibylle Baier would record on her reel-to-reel in the secrets of her room. And between 1970-1973 she had recorded the songs that would be released on this year's Colour Green.

Gorgeous glimpses into the real world of Baier's life, the listener establishes, rather quickly, a personal connection and sense of comfort. Coos of lullabies that teeter the line of felicity and sorrow. An intimate revealing as you look through someone else's eyes, as you look through her eyes, to unlock a world that is never too far away. Gently plucked and strummed guitar provides the listener just enough wind to float away on the voice of Baier and into your heart.

Colour Green is out on Orange Twin Records and is another must own of 2007. Below is a track and links to purchase and/or download.

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