Rosie Thomas

First off let me say, January has been a bear of a month between, well, life in general. A month where there is so much to do, that can be done, opportunities, responsibilities, and it seems my hands were in everything near the end of last year that I eventually I just pulled them all back to reassess. For what it's worth, I thought I'd write that...on to Rosie Thomas

Blown away.

That should be all I have to write about Rosie Thomas' release, These Friends of Mine. A total collaboration between Thomas, Sufjan Stevens, and Denison Witmer, as well as many featured guests. Many people might argue with me on this (I remember you guys dissing my thoughts on Isobel Campbell's cd) but I thought this cd not only produced solid singles, like the one below, but as an album, could be listened to from start to finish without a missed beat.

Amazing and available right now for advanced download through emusic or itunes (retail March 07) and this has been on rotation today. Below is a track with links to acquire.

.: Much Farther To Go

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