Black Flag

Over the holidays I got very nostalgic. My parents brought up most of my stuff from home and now it's in my attic. I have Baseball cards, gi joes, star wars figures (with all their weapons), but the must touching thing to me was my skateboard decks. All the days of Mark Gonzales, Natas Kaupas, Mike Vallely, Mike McGill, Steve Caballero, and Tony Hawk came rushing back. Enough that I grabbed one of the still complete decks and gave it a spin around supurbia. I loved skateboarding...I still do.

After that I had to go back in the vault and pull out all my old tapes and cds . Instead of posting tracks that I know you can still buy (hint hint, link below), I decided to post a show I got a while ago on a great site.

When the show was recorded I was not aware of one of the greatest hardcore punk bands ever (I was 5). But they were in constant play only a few years later. That's right 'm talking about BLACK FLAG!

I grabbed this show from Shaved Neck (great source for hardcore punk) and by all means want you to go check their site out. A great history source and some great shows up for sampling. They made it possible for me to have this show and I'm just passing it along.

Black Flag
Phoenix's Calderon Ballroom 1982

.: What Can You Believe
.: Black Coffee
.: My War - I've Heard It Before
.: Depression
.: Beat My Head Angst Wall
.: Slip It In
.: Modern Man
.: No More
.: Nervous Breakdown
.: My Rules
.: I Love You
.: Nothing Left Inside

*photo by Ed Arnaud (Copyright 1982-2005).

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