timber timbre

I don’t know much about Timber Timbre other than what’s on their bleak myspace account, but I know my ears enjoy the sounds.

I’ve been enjoying the two tracks from the, When You Burn EP, this past weekend and thought I would just make the quick post and links to the tracks. From my understanding we have Christienne (organ), Mike (baritone, guitar), Lindsay (drums), and Taylor (guitar) making up the “group”, although lately, according to Taylor in an interview on the site, it’s been kind of a one-man-band as Timber Timbre evolves. However it works out, the two tracks below are great and you can purchase their previous 2005 release, Cedar Shakes on their myspace.

I tried to get in touch with these guys and nothing yet, but I just couldn't wait to post the tracks that have been on constant rotation. I'll update with info if I get it.

.: Oh Messiah
.: Patron Saint Hunter