Our Brother The Native

I still can’t believe for some reason that what I have been listening to the past while are three young American guys (two aged 16, one 18) making this wonderful Animal Collective/Cocorosie/Ariel Pink influenced step child of a sound. We are of course talking about Our Brother The Native. Recently signed to Fat Cat, they released their ‘debut’ on the label earlier this year with the outstanding Tooth and Claw.

There is a great story on Fat Cat that explains the bands beginnings, but to sum it up we have John Foss and Josh Bertram living in Michigan and Chaz Knapp in California and all their recording to date have taken place with tracks being slowly built up, and sent between each other via e-mail for additions. Amazing huh. This is where I will ask you to stop reading and download the track below to understand what we’re talking about here….that’s ok, I’ll wait.

“Meshing picked acoustic guitars, piano, banjo, with percussion, cracked electronics, bird noise, radio static, children’s toys, they perform a neat balancing act between the prettiness of their songs / melodies and the self-inflicted damage of the noise threatening to spew out from its seams or peel back / melt its edges.”Fat Cat

A fusion of sounds arranged in such a way that gives birth to a completely pure chaos. A free, loose album, that makes you almost afraid to open the door, but you do, and what you hear is so rich in it’s rawest elements, in it’s subtle nuances, that there is no turning back. This could have been included, like so many, in my best of 2006 releases, but it didn’t. So what I'll say is that Tooth and Claw was one of the most promising albums from a new band relasing in 2006. But no matter how you look at though, Tooth and Claw is a must own.

Enjoy the track, make the purchase, hey, you can even download it through emusic.

.: Octopodidae

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