Girl from Saskatoon

Jens C Andreassen & Nathalie Bekkelund make up the absolutely wonderful band Girl from Saskatoon. Surprisingly hailing from Oslo, Norway, Girl from Saskatoon create some of the most beautiful "americana" sounds I've heard in a while. I'm talking about a highly produced sound that conjures up thoughts of every great American country artist and every modern day indie duo. Andreassen and Bekkelund create such a beautiful sound as their voices intertwine that I am literally taken back and just have to listen.

For some reason, and I don't know why, but it seems like everything I hear from "Scandinavia" is so clean, crisp, sharp, and I'm just talking about the instrumentation here, don't get me started on the pure icicle vocals that they breath. The instrumentation is pure and drives to the soul. It make you want to dance, it makes you want to smile, it makes you want to admire their imagination and devotion not to be another churned out band. Unique song-writing skills, elaborate instrumentation and voices that compliment each other so well you'd think it was divine.

Below are three tracks from their debut, appropriately titled, This is only the Beginning and a demo track from their upcoming release. A must listen!

.: Picks Me Up
.: I Wipe The Blood Off My Guitar
.: James Dean

.: "Demo"

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