Gentle William

ne·glect Pronunciation (n-glkt)
tr.v. ne·glect·ed, ne·glect·ing, ne·glects
1. To pay little or no attention to.

Unfortunatley neglect has been the word here at the P&S this week. Family, material for The Collective, out of town guests, work...I guess it's just the holidays, but still it dissapoints.

One thing that has been getting me through this has been Gentle William. Gentle William is the moniker for Owen Gillham of Essex, England. He plays innocent and heartfelt music that can be listened to any time, any where. Elegant guitars are strummed and plucked as heavenly aural dreamscapes are painted with hope that everything will be alright.

His myspace explains, "Here we sit, immersed in old folk music records, and with the help of the odd cup of tea, we occasionally manage to drag ourselves over to the microphone, strum a guitar, frail a banjo, dust off an antiquated, wind-powered organ... etc etc etc. We take this opportunity to offer you the fruits of our labour."

And I take the opportunity to provide you with three tracks that he has been working on. They blow in on a prayer and help the remaining leaves fall to there final resting place. If you are interested in more of these Christian inspired soundscapes, you can contact him through his myspace to get a cd.

.: Untitled 8
.: Untitled 14
.: Untitled 16

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