Erik Mattsson: One-Horse Town EP

I just got a heads up email recently about Erik Mattsson and his online release, One-Horse Town Ep. An organ bellows out to start the opening track and a smile crosses my face. Slow picking on strings and Mattsson's vocals float in on the fog. This is how the 5 track ep starts out. It was essential for me to download the rest and what we get is an ep I've been listening too since the moment I got it.

For someone who performs all his own instrumentation on instruments that "would be perfect for a nine-year old beginner, but not for a twentyfive-year old"... this is a masterful acheivement. I personally think the music is great, especially the haunting organ that creeps up on numerous tracks.

"I wrote all but one of the songs in a cottage in Stockholm's archipelago, on the threshold to the terrace. The songs were then recorded in a dusty cellar south of Stockholm"...If you believe that a song takes on it's birth place as I do, then you can imagine the atmosphere that this ep creates. The songs roll in and linger with you, kissing the dew laden ground and then burning off as the grey of night turns to day. These songs belong in those moments, those magic hour moments where our two worlds collide.

A great listen and a must download. Below are two tracks, but you can download the rest at the Wild Geese Music website. Just click Erik Mattsson. Enjoy.

.: Go Down
.: One-Horse Town

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