Dennis Wilson: Pacific Ocean Blue

Due to numerous emails the past few months, below is a re-post of Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue with individual tracks or a zip. This is one of my favorite records and I'm glad there is such an interest in it. It's a shame the album is still not available on cd yet. Enjoy.

Recorded from September 1976 through the Spring of 77, Pacific Ocean Blue has to be one of the best records ever made, period. For some reason there has been no official cd release ( edit: it has come to my attention that POB was released for a few month’s in the early 90’s. Thanks.), although in the early eighties they did released cassette versions of this amazing album. There are a few albums that have been on my must have list and when I found my copy of Pacific Ocean Blue, it was like Christmas x 10. In my opionion Dennis Wilson is highly underrated and the songs in which he wrote rival that of any Beach Boys or Brian Wilson tune. With the Beach Boys he released Forever, Love Surrounds Me, and Baby Blue, to name a few (although Love Surround Me and Baby Blue were scheduled to be on his follow up album to POB, Bamboo) and at the time of there release, they were by far the best songs on their respective albums. Some point to Dennis' increased role in the BB as being directly related to Brian Wilson's departure, and this may be true, but this increased role in writing and vocals helped give birth to , what I consider one of the greatest albums ever recorded, Pacific Ocean Blue.

When I was searching for the ablum a few years ago, I came across Dan Addington's website, a detailed history of Wilson's solo career, so check it out if you have the interest. It's a great read. Remember, these tracks will only be available for a few weeks, so sample them while you can and I really hope you enjoy Pacifc Ocean Blue.

.: River Song
.: Dreamer
.: Thoughts of You
.: Pacifc Ocean Blues
.: You and I
.: Farewell my Friend
.: End of the Show
.: What's Wrong
.: Moonshine
.: Rainbows
.: Friday Night
.: Time

[zip file]