Alasdair Roberts: The Amber Gatherers

If you’ve been here a while you know my love for Alasdair Roberts. Well Drag City is releasing his latest, The Amber Gatherers, in January and from what I've heard already, it's going to be a must own.

Scottish folk that has you thinking of a crowded cottage with it's guests partaking in a nice dark beer, warming their flesh from a potbellied stove, and their souls on Roberts' vocals. To me, he creates winter albums, always has. Cold dreary wet days; when the snow is out, a nip in the air, any Alasdair Roberts album will do. But unlike his last album, No Earthly Man, which was a reworking of traditional death ballads, The Amber Gatherers creates a more uplifting experience with songs of life, love and living in Scotland.

Below is a track from the forthcoming, The Amber Gatherers, and links to purchase, and a previous post of live tracks.

.: The Old Men of the Shells

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