Spires That In The Sunset Rise

Spires That in the Sunset Rise is the musical collaboration of Kathleen Baird, Taralie Peterson, Tracy Peterson, and Georgia Vallas. Based out of Chicago, IL, they perform a type of free form avant-folk that is absolutely mind blowing. They have just released their third full length, This Is Fire, and it's really hard to put into words exactly what this primal experiment sounds like. Words like summons, outsider folk, texture, incarnation, and intense all come to mind when addressing this coven.

A wide array of instrumentation (harps, guitars, cello, drums, harmonium, banjo, mbira, spike fiddle, bells, vocals, yelps, and screams) is used to induce the listener into an almost meditative visionary state that I undoubtedly embraced. Somehow they have the grips to harness these raw organic emotions, thoughts, feelings, and sounds to produce songs that keep me wanting more. Harmonic waves of beauty that are simply brilliant. Spries That in the Sunset Rise is worth the ride and come highly recommended.

Below are three tracks from This Is Fire and two from their prior release, Four Winds the Walker.

.: Spike Fiddle Song
.: Clouds
.: Morning Song

.: The May Ham
.: Little For A Lot

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