The Skygreen Leopards

A true family record is The Skygreen Leopards Disciples of California. It's been on constant rotation since I got it. When I first heard the lp I knew there was something new, something special. Gone is the pure homebrewed sound of past lps, and in it's place a more fleshed out, almost polished and perfected sound. I believe it's their finest record to date and all you have to do is listen to the tracks below to hear it.

"For the first time on record you'll hear the Skygreen Leopards "Skyband Sound". A pleasure formerly reserved for denizens of San Francisco's haunted honky tonks where the Leopards developed much of Disciples songs. The swing and sway of this album is something totally unique to the SGL's discipline and owes a great deal to the work of Vaslav Treacy (Lindner School of Ballet), who instructed the band in modern dance for three months in order to perfect the pulse of the songs on the record. Grace & Beauty tumbling down Mt. Zion became the band's solemn motto." Jagjaguwar

"Join California's Family Band as we sing of love & life in a new meadow from Jerusalem to the Mission of Shawnapee we welcome you into our secret wine cellar!" - site

.: Disciples of California
.: Broken Sparrow

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