Noah Georgeson

photo by Lauren Dukoff

Guitarist, singer, engineer, producer, Noah Georgeson is releasing his debut lp Find Shelter, on November 28th. Better known as a member of The Pleased, or the producer of Devandra Banhart's Cripple Crow (as well as guitar) and Joanna Newsom's Milk Eyed Mender, who knew he was a troubadour at heart. We'll we do now, and his debut lp is unlike what I excpected to be honest. After hearing The Pleased and his producing work, I guess I just assumed alot and we all know what that makes me.

Find Shelter has a beautiful and rich sound that is all it's own. Part of the family he helped create, but more like the long lost cousin of the group. Georgeson recalls a more Jens Lekman sound with his vocals and exquisite instrumentation. It's lush and dream like. It makes me think of a lustrous convention hall, big wigs awaiting this one man show commissioned for the October 1, 1971 opening of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom, they pull back the velvet curtains and beautiful strings are orchestrated as Georgeson croons the audience, everyone rejoices. The more you hear it, the more you can't live without it.

Truely a pleasent surprise and a must listen! Below is a track from the release.

.: Walking On Someone Elses Name

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