Mariee Sioux

Some people create a sound, that music, that once you hear it you know they were made to sing, made to be a free spirit to capture the fancy of everyone their voice falls upon. Mariee Sioux falls into this category.

She was on the list for this week and then after a blogroll check today, it seems that I’m not the only one giving her her due (here and here). I’ve covered a lot of wonderful ladies the past two weeks and Mariee Sioux sits right up there with the best of them. When I first put a name with the beautiful voice filling my headphones I thought of her "surname", Sioux, in turn, a tribe, then a campfire, a communal celebration to the gods with Mariee Sioux’s voice reaching the sky on the back of smoke clouds. Her voice is captivating, beautiful, and enchanting, and simply put, I’m charmed. The way her songwriting and instrumentation weave their ways like a vine around the oak of her voice amazes me and I think you will really find her music to be what you’ve been looking for.

After checking out her myspace, there was one thing that has not left my mind. There is a picture of her and her father playing music together and she wrote the caption, “oh man i wish my dad was always backin’ me up”. I’ve included the picture here, because there is this real sense of family that this photo has instilled in me and conjures up thoughts once again of the communal fire, or a family sharing, laughing, singing, and embracing life. That’s ultimately what music should do and Mariee Sioux succeeds on all accounts. Below are three tracks for you to enjoy.

.: Buried in Teeth
.: Ghosts In My Heart
.: Bravitzlana Rubakalva

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