Lindsay Vandemark

Every time I try to get out, the lovely voices pull me back in. This latest infatuation lies with Lindsay Vandemark (aka Lindsay Clark). I stumbled upon her through a myspace link and haven't got up since. Background info and such is abound, but I'll let you journey through the links below for that. No, what's on my plate is not her past, but my future and my love for Ms. Clark's voice.

She has said that she doesn't really know how to describe her music, she feels it is pushed and pulled through many genres, but the way I see it, her work best belongs in the singer/songwriter category. She coos sweetly over the piano keys that allow her vocals to dance through a light rain. She makes music that makes me feel good, music that makes you want to know her, music that sits nestled here at the P&S.

Below are two tracks from 2004's Crossing the Water to ? and links for info and more recent work. Enjoy.

.: My Heart
.: Red Dirt

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