Larkin Grimm

"Close your eyes and follow me" she asks during the title track, and how could one not with a voice like that. Larkin Grimm just released her new cd, The Last Tree, out on Secret Eye, and she has come a long way since last time I mentioned her. Present still are the old Appalachian sounds of her family commune, but refined and perfected is the way she brings them to our ears.

Her songs are more plush and full, leaving the confines of her bedroom recordings and really exploring space and instrumentation. Like a lot of the recent posts here, Larkin fits into this movement of woman sirens that are flooding my headphones with their “folk” endeavors, but she is not of the tribe of fairies and dew covered fields, no she plans on taking us deep into her woods like the pipers of old. You will be seduced and abducted be her charms only to reckon with the forces of nature she created with this release. Definitely worth the listen and recommended.

Below are three tracks from The Last Tree to explore and links to purchase.

.: The Last Tree
.: Waterfall
.: Little Weeper

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