Kindermusik: Improvised Music by Babies

Now normally I don’t post just clips of songs. There’s something about being able to provide you with a track that seems only fair, but below are three clips from the 2005 release Kindermusik: Improvised Music by Babies out on the Amorfon label. The tracks on the cd are live recordings of babies' performances, with no editing involved. This project was recorded with children all under 18 months old between 2003-05. Each baby played different instruments, objects, and toys and its eerie how good some of this sounds. Gone are the restrictions put on music by our conscious minds as adults, and what you hear is pure music as it flows from a child.

I really liked the idea and wanted to share it here with you guys. So below are three sound clips in mp3 format. They are not the full length tracks, but it allows you to get a good idea of where the cd is going. There is also a link for purchase if you are so inclined.

.: Goh Yokota / Toy - Recorded by Yoshio Machida
.: Alyssa Elliott / Electric Piano - Recorded by Yoshio Machida
.: Myona Sonobe / Steel Pan - Recorded by Yoshio Machida