John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman

A sharp turn here with a quick post about one of my favorite records and a landmark album of vocal jazz. This is one of the three ballad albums that Coltrane recorded in 1962/1963 and it features Johnny Hartman and his beautiful baritone voice. Apparently Coltrane's suggestion, Hartman's voice meshes and intertwines with Coltrane's tenor like nothing I've ever heard, to provide some of the most gorgeous love songs ever made. This is a must own and I thought I would mention it here because it's been on the turntable lately. Here is an excerpt on Hartman,

"Hartman was a master of emotional expression, putting everything he had into every word he sang. With any other vocalist, performing a love song with this kind of intensity could easily come across as being over the top or gushing, but Hartman's rich, masculine baritone voice never wavered in its sincerity." - NPR

Below is a track from the album and will be up for a limited time, but I highly recommend you finding this lp on vinyl or cd.

.: They Say It's Wonderful

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