ISLAJA: Palaa Aurinkoon

The paradise that Islaja created on Meritie has only magnified on her latest release Palaa Aurinkoon. (Fonal 2005)

"Textures evolve into new ones. Scabby rhythms spin socks on feet, skin burns into ashes in the attacking heat. Senile wine glasses wail of happiness. Fallen off beard hair are woven into a scarf that lets the wind blow fast right through it. If only life would be like this more than just an hour at a time! After everything the sun blesses the way with Islaja's words, it spits out of its system the wet and transformed listener, who longs for the light again.

Islaja's second album was born in two different places that have been sewed up one to another with the binds of words and a rich sound world. Here and there, Islaja's friends have lent their voices for this world. Loose guitar paths, long strokes of wind instruments, glasses and toys that clink, rattle and tinkle, rhythms, keyboards and Islaja's wonderful, many-faceted voice are cooing in a miraculous net. The album is a spontaneous texture of muscle, cartilage and liquid, everything organized in such a surprising way that one can't believe right away that it's a human being, but soon enough it becomes clear that it's a most ingenious creature. It evolves by itself. It tells us how everything metamorphoses, it relies on itself and infuses belief into the listener that one can change the world. The secret place where the creature invites the listener is revealed to be our real world, it lives here with us." -website

Islaja will soon release a live cd "Blaze Mountain Recordings" on Ecstatic Peace and is currently finishing her third album for Fonal Records due for release early 2007. With what we've heard over the past two releases, this third album should be nothing less than spectacular. Below are two tracks from this release and a link to purchase.

.: Rohkaisulaulu
.: Sateen Tullessa

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