Dukes of Archipelago, Redstone Lake, & Driftwood Jack

Thanksgiving. A time for thought and reflection. A time for family and friends. A time for turkey and all the trimmings. All the above sums up my holiday and I hope yours was well.

This past weekend I’ve been listening to the Montreal bands Dukes of the Archipelago, and through links from their myspace page, Redstone Lake and Driftwood Jack, all projects of the multi-faceted Jesse LeGallais. He is a writer of fiction, poetry, reviews for Left Hip Magazine, an excellent singer/songwriter, and has a knack for being apart of some great bands.

Driftwood Jack gives me a Southwest sound that would be the perfect soundtrack to any modern day western. The central focus lies with Jesse's vocals, sung unlike the following two bands, but nice, and pure, and possibly the most welcoming of the work I've heard. While the real highlights for my taste lies with the Dukes and Redstone Lake, Driftwood Jack provides a nice alternative and plays strong as a compliment to his other two ventures.

Dukes of the Archipelago play tight, but loose rock that gives me soft hints of CYHSY. A unique blend of LeGallais' strained vocals, novel lyrics, and striking instrumentation; less frantic, but without loosing the punch, the Dukes have been rocking the P&S all week. "They write songs with the heart of the forest floor and play them with the frenzied soul of the city." A must listen and highly recommended!

Finally, with broken down vocals and simple instrumentation, like a wooden floor with holes keeping LeGallais' voice from slipping through the cracks, we have Redstone Lake. Passionate, heart filled lyrics, bare bones, but subtle instrumentation, and possibly my favorite of his incarnates. Redstone Lake gives a true outlet for the poetry of the heart.

All are worth checking out and below are links to each band and tracks for you to sample. Enjoy.

Dukes of the Archipelago
.: Throw It On The Fire
.: All Called Something
.: Battle and Scars

Driftwood Jack
.: Your Eyes
.: Something I Simply...

Redstone Lake
.: Forest Fires
.: Everything Coloured...

[Dukes of the Archipelago] [Driftwood Jack] [Redstone Lake]