Broken Deer

I have to give cokemachineglow all the credit for this one. They recently reviewed the fabulous sound experiments of Broken Deer and the album Displaced Field Recordings. While this lp is not going to suit everyone's taste, I had to post about it here. I can't stop listening to these tracks and I've been inserting them into mixtapes as break points ever since.

CMG wrote, "It sounds like it came from another world, a transmission from another time floating around the nether regions of radio waves... one of the most striking and riveting records I've heard this year." and I couldn't agree more.

From the myspace we get, "Broken Deer began as Lindsay Dobbin's sound documentation project. It has now turned into something with varying forms, including live performances with fellow musical hunter/gatherers Christine Comeau and Ashleigh Gaul." and "Displaced Field Recordings is a repository of decaying folk" Decaying Folk...what a perfect discription!

This would be an excellent performance, especially if their were visuals on screen. Whoa! Below are two tracks and a link to purchase.

.: Faces on the River Side
.: It Creeps

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