Bird By Snow

We’ve had a slow week here at the P&S (in terms of posts), but fear not, the momentum is picking up steam.

Fletcher Tucker is not only the founder of Gnome Life Records, but since 2002, has been producing work under the Bird By Snow moniker. He creates songs, like sculpture, writing as he records, chiseling away to flesh out his work of art.

He sings songs about a love for the world and the feeling that everything in the world loves him in return. Tucker has recorded three albums: “a red record of cyclical reverence called Antlers And The Sun; a black 7" of rebirth, clean face and clean eyes called Industrial Collapse; and a blue record of sweeping ideals, and hopeful moments called Sky.”

is a vinyl release, full of light through broken glass folk, fractured and put back together in a beautiful illuminating arrangement. Stimulating instrumentation are the waves in which Tucker’s voice sails in and out of broken harbors and sea shanty towns. Sky is what has been on the phones while I’ve been updating this website and two tracks are listed below for your pleasure. Recommended!

.: The Sound and the River Within the Sound
.: Black Elk in the Mountains

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