Arrowwood is Chelsea Robb and contributing members. She lays a gentle whispery voice over a collection of "various instruments such as voice, bouzouki, acoustic guitar (pythagumus of novemthree), mandolin, acoustic 12 string guitar, glockenspiel, distressed zither, bells, wood and metal chimes, singing bowls, tambourine, gypsy finger cymbals, goat's toenails, djembe (mostly played by pythagumus), some keyboard, ocarina & jaw-harp (lindsey hoffman), harmonium (pythagumus & josh lovejoy), shakers & other noisemakers...."

The music on her recent endeavor, Hemlock and Spindle Flower, is a nice blend of simple, beautiful, experimental folk delights. She creates dreamy atmospheres to float about in and calls to the listener, in a soothing child-like whisper, to come visit her forest floors. Very unique in many ways, but has no problem fitting in with the likes of recent posts. Below are three tracks from this 12 track cd with links to purchase.

.: Blackbird
.: The Mourner's Song
.: In Ruin

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