Alela Diane

I continue this week in my recent obsession and fascination with women of folk. Alela Diane has been on all weekend here, well at least during the free times, and it should be on your list too. Oh! My Mama, one of the tracks from her cd, The Pirate's Gospel, is one of my favorite songs right now and it evokes such a heartbreaking, but beautiful feeling inside.

I don't know if that's the intent, the heartbreak part, but it just sits that way with me. Images of a girl huddled in a sheet like a ghost in the corner of a dusty floor gathering heat from a pot bellied stove. Sparse surroundings, leaning heavily on the warmth of Diane’s voice to thaw her soul. That’s what I feel Diane’s voice is, warmth to the soul. She has an ever-changing pitch that cuts to the bone and provides a comforting sound to cradle into during those times in life when you just need someone.

The two tracks below are from The Pirate's Gospel with links to purchase. Highly recommended!

.: Oh! My Mama
.: The Rifle

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