The Submarines

Please tell me why The Submarines' story hasn't been the subject of a low budget indie film yet. Two people, John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard, in a long term relationship, they break up, then record a fabulous album together, writing songs riddled with the pain of their breakup, only to get back together during the sessions for their first lp, rekindle their love, and get married. Not only do we get the happy ending, but selfishly I'm glad these two were dragged through the hells of love, loss, and love, because we really get a great album in Declare a New State!

As expected the album reflects on their struggles and their feelings, their thoughts on what went wrong, but in collaboration, there is not this sense of I'm right , your wrong, but more like interpretations. They put everything out in the open for you to hear and what I come away with is a great sleeper of an album to make a "best of 2006" list.

Below are two tracks. Peace and Hate is from their release Declare a New State!, and this version of Brighter Discontent is from the Remixes ep that was just released.

.: Peace and Hate
.: Brighter Discontent (Styrofoam remix)

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