The Purrs in Concert + CD Giveaway

This past Thursday I had the pleasure, courtesy of Filter Mag, of checking out the Seattle based band The Purrs. Never heard of them, but hey it's a show and it's free and after checking out their myspace, I was really excited to check these guys out. I read somewhere of all the "sounds like" quotes. From REM on Loose Talk, Brit Pop in general, early Bowie/VU and since I am a fan of all the before mentioned groups you can expect my surprise when I don't really think that they sound like any of the above mentioned bands. I can sense influences, but you know who they sound like...they sound like The Purrs. A sound that cries out to not be the next passing "Friends" or "Dawson's Creek" flavor of the month and if you've only heard Loose Talk, and you should've by now because it's a great track, you might think this the case, but check out Because I Want To or Get On With Your Life and listen to the lyrics and instrumentation. Man these guys can play.

Now Jima has a great sound on lead vocals, and it's just enough his own to make it really work, but it's almost give or take if it wasn't for the intriguing
and entertaining instrumentation of Jason Milne, Craig Keller, and Jason Atkin. And after seeing them live, this only solidifies this initial thought. They put on a great show and were by far the highlight of the night. They brought with them an aura of fun and a sense of confidence, like "hey, we're making it happen". As an audience member, you were glad you were there and they were glad to give most of us, virgin-eared to their sound, an entertaining show.

A great night and if their coming your way make sure to check them out. Below are two tracks off their new self-titled cd, The Purrs, out on Sarathen Records.

.: Get On With Your Life
.: She's Gone

And now for the giveaway... a free copy of The Purrs S/T cd.
All you need to do is email me , and tell me what sitcom recently featured The Purrs track Loose Talk on the show. That's it. The first response with the correct answer will get the cd.

[The Purrs website] [The Purrs myspace]