Prayers and Tears...EP

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers were awesome last night, along with The Mountain Goats and Man Man, at 305 South, part of the Troika Music Festival. (I will be posting more about the festival in the coming days) If you haven't seen these guys live yet, I insist you do. Anyway, this got me thinking that during my off and on posts during September (sorry about that, but film making calls), I never mentioned about the Free EP, Redux, they put out through their website.

is a collection of rarities and singles from non-album compilations, including our contribution to Esopus Magazine last year, Lisa. Please download and enjoy this EP while we slave away in the studio without proper sustenance or respite." -website

Below is the Redux EP:

1. Lisa (Esopus Magazine 2005)

2. I am Morris Townsend (No-Fi Transmission)

3. Jeff Buckley Moves to Memphis (2001 Demo)

4. Raining in Darling (Cold Rock, Dull Grass)

5. Concerning the End of the World

Perry Wright and Alex Lazara are the masterminds behind the wonderful, heartfelt and soul-baring music that makes up The Prayers and Tears... If you like what you hear above, they have alot more for you to sample on their website, which I highly recommend you checking out and once you've done that you'll be quite the fan, so you might as well pick up their cd, The Mother of Love Emulates the Shapes of Cynthia.

If you missed them at Troika, then you can try to catch them tonight, Saturday, October 21, 7pm at Local 506 ,Chapel Hill, NC,with David Bazan, Bowerbirds and the Strugglers.

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