Old Time Relijun

In honor of K Records joining The Collective, and that in tonight's episode will be the video for Wolves and Wolverines, I thought I would post a few tracks from their 2005 concert at Maxwell's.

When I first heard of Old Time Relijun, I was taken back by how loud and quite crazy it was, but after emercing my self in the Relijun over the past few years, I've since been clensed and reborn. I mention this only to those who have tried to be converted in the past and have turned the other cheek. To you I say, come back prodical son and quench your thirst on the Relijun.

Personally I like all of their releases, but the two must own albums are 2012 and Lost Light. Simply put, as with any band really, they get tighter as they progress and in turn 2012 blows me away.

This will be up for a limited time only. Enjoy.

.: Los Angeles
.: Tigers In The Temple
.: Wolves And Wolverines
.: Reptillians

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