Lys Guillorn: Three Songs EP

As intimate as the limited edition (200) handmade EP case is, are the songs that Lys Guillorn sings on her 2006, Little Cowgirl release, Three Songs EP.

An acoustic guitar is just one of the items featured in her arsenal, but her gentle, yet truthful voice is the true weapon of choice. I have had this ep, along with her 2003 release, for a while now and I'm at the point in which I feel I am comfortable writing about the ep. And please don't misunderstand, it isn't because I put it on the shelf, to the contrary, it's been a staple in my musical selections. Sometimes you can write something quick, you're in the moment, sometimes a post comes across as less personal, you want the info out there, but, yeah, just but, and then sometimes it just has to feel right. This is one of those releases.

I find this ep to be a very personal headphone endeavour and she summons thoughts of a 69/70 Joni Mitchell / Emilyou Harris love affair. I want to believe every word she utters, and this ep is a truely genuine home recording delight. Three tracks that allow Guillorn's somber-sounding voice to echo an intimacy that's often missed today.

The standout track on this 3 track EP (why couldn't there be more) is When I Was a Tiger Lily. "Releasing my shadow". Think about that for a moment. This is a lyric from the song that has echoed in my head from the first time I heard it. To me this is a very sympathic and comforting line and I have found myself thinking of it often. I'll repeat it again, "releasing my shadow". To me this song is about a rememberance and letting go of the past. Looking back, not in regret, but in the acknowledgment of where she has been and the cessation on that chapter of her life. A real gem of a song.

I don't know how many, if any, of these cds are still available, but I do recommend you trying to get your hands on one. You can visit her online through the links and I invite you to sample the above mention track below. Enjoy.

.: When I Was a Tiger Lily

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