Graham Lindsey: Hell Under the Skullbones

Is this Dylan's son? No seriously...Wow!

Graham Lindsey was passed along to me by Spacebar Records and I'm very glad they did. Below are some exact notes that I scribbled down upon sitting down with Hell Under the Skullbones:

"Nice artwork-think liner notes filled with lyrics. Believes it"

All written down before hearing a single word, oh and to bands out there, I really like lyrics included. I know it's more expensive to add them to the liner, but hey throw in a printed copy from your mac/pc. It just says something to me.

I hate to keep mentioning the whole Dylan reference, but damn, he sounds more like Dylan that Jacob ever has, anyway...

Hell Under the Skullbones
is Graham Lindsey's latest on Spacebar Records and this is a very good cd. Listening to the first 2 tracks I feel like I need to take a road trip to my friend's place out in Whitney, NC, to travel the country roads, to fly by the stalks of corn and crank these tunes up...Americana man, Americana.

As soon as I hit track three though, you better throw me up on the porch, turn down the radio, and give me a glass of whiskey because we've hit the dark blues. I found myself skipping through pretty quickly on first listening and I hate that. The first two tracks put me in this mood and unfortunatly I wasn't ready to come down yet. I went back numerous times throughout the day and in this lies the problem, because when I put on the disc around 11pm later that night, this dark bluesy feeling crept in and didn't let go.

Not only are Lindsey's lyrics intellegent, dark, and damp, but the instrumentation is extremely well done and I found myself that night replaying certain tracks just for the arrangements. Fellow musicians Steve Deutsch (also produced the lp), Larry Taylor, Morris Tepper, and Nick Vincent have added a great deal to filling in these solid tracks and while you know I would love to here these stripped down, bare boned, w/ Lindsey and an acoustic, these songs are polished in all the right places and should be viewed as quite an accomplishment.

Overall a good cd and there are some instant ipod additions, including, Matchbook Song, Elly Bly, Winterim, and the great closer, Ain't Enough Liquor. Definitely check out the cd and I would only imagine that Graham Lindsey would be an excellent live performer, so if you have the chance to see him, I would go. Below are two tracks for you to sample.

.: Matchbook Song
.: Ain't Enough Liquor

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