Drakkar Sauna

I've posted about Drakkar Sauna (Jeff Stolz & Wallace Cochran) before and missed out on a post about their latest release Jabraham Lincoln, out on Marriage Records. This Kansas duo play energetic and eclectic music that resembles old time country and gives me a goldrush feel that would not be far off from a communal campfire night dance. A rich blend of folkish Surrealism, left rough around the edges and tweaked with subtleties. Acoustic guitars, percussion beats, accordion, harmophone and keys, and some of the most gorgeous harmonies, make Drakkar Sauna one of my favorite bands these days.

The two tracks below are from this release and with Jabraham Lincoln, these guys have only raised their own bar by perfecting an already solid and exciting sound. If you like the tracks make sure to grab their two prior releases through emusic and you can purchase Jabraham Lincoln through Marriage here.

.: Teach Me Your Legs
.: Om, John Surratt

"Misters Stolz and Cochran, the Sauna’s Marxist (Groucho) masterminds, step cautiously into the fur-lined lawrence.com podcast villa to promote their forthcoming release “Jabraham Lincoln” — which they refuse to do, and instead wind up pole-dancing blindfolded to old Dolly Parton songs. Accept no substitutes! When Drakkar Sauna is around, everything’s right with the world." - Lawrence.com.

Check out the podcast in reference below.

.: Podcast

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