Dark Meat / Vomit Lasers Family Band

I had recently heard of this collective from Athens on a few blogs and then from Team Clermont and I'm officially a fan. The Dark Meat / Vomit Lasers Family Band are actually, from what I can tell , are a merging of (according to their Myspace) Dark Meat (Dr. Cal Barfton, T.J. Onions, Richard "Cheese" Mangana, F. Dartanion Bougnier, and Willl P. Green) with The Vomit Lasers (Balfre Diego, Ollie "Tranny" Controlle, Quebeque Dinero, Harley McIIlvaine, Theodore "Tedd" Hepp, Barbi Barbituate, Jan Fairne, and OC Toshira) but their are also sub catogories with The Sub Tweeters (Alice B. Tokas, Lil' Tomato, and Hairy "Airy" Ola), and The Key Bumps (Duter "XXX" Anomie, MK, and various Dvcks)

Now that that's out of the way, this amazing ensemble has a debut record, Univeral Indians, being released November 24th, out on Cloud Recordings. Never hearing Dark Meat before, this was a refreshing sound to my ear. Sometimes you get burnt out on spinning the same tunes and the new ones you find just don't have that , that something, well Dark Meat has that something and they are coming my way December 16th at King's Barcade here in Raleigh.

Their bio on Team Clearmont reads a little more true than their myspace with: "DARK MEAT are an Athens ensemble that can rock, and sway, and clap they hands to the beat in an area large enough for them to do it in. Singer/guitarist Jim McHugh and bassist Ben Clack moved to Athens from North Carolina two years ago and met guitarist Kris (who also shreds with SUBVERSIVO), and drummer Forrest (who formerly rocked with CARRIE NATIONS) while working together at a restaurant downtown. When second drummer Spirit Bird left town, his chair was filled by cymbal master Jason Robira. The group features a powerful backing vocal ensemble called the Subtweeters (Heather, Page, & Claire) who can rival the vocal intensity of the earth shaking performances on BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY's classic L.P. "Cheap Thrills". The groups massive horn section led by Charlie (trumpet) and Aaron (trombone) comes across like a Salvation Army Mariachi brass band - and with waves of reeds from Jeff, Al, and Becky, songs become wildly fluid in the exploratory sections. John Fernandes (ELF POWER, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, etc.) also came in to the group playin' some crazed, jiggle-billy fiddle and bass clarinet, and lest us not forget the key bumps, a roving pack of band cheer leaders including Chris Smith on flag twirling and Toshira blowing out on a couple of didgeridoos."

You really get a sense that these, over 15 musicians in all, sometimes upward of 23, really enjoy playing together. Their sound is other-worldly and when asked "Why all the personnel?" Ben Clack said in a press release: "We started as a four-piece Neil Young cover band and, from that, started writing our own material...To achieve the sound we aspire to make takes a lot of people."

I like that last line, "the sound we aspire to make"

Below are two tracks from their upcoming cd, Universal Indians.

.: Dead Man
.: Angel of Meth

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