Can Joann

Locals, locals, locals. I have two or three posts coming up about some local bands that are must listens.

Formed in 2004, Can Joann are a Chapel Hill based band consisting of 4 members, Ryan Benjamin, Andrew Bernish, Cameron Kelly and Joel Peck. After releasing an EP in 2005, we are graced with their official debut, titled Hurt People Hurt People, which was recorded at Poxworld Empire and a rented 19th century farm house in Chapel Hill.

Hook-heavy rock that makes you want to go to a show. You want to be at the door, arriving just a hair late as Indecision's Way echos through the corridor. Music that gets your heart pumping and you're excited that someone local is putting out music that doesn't demand a damp dark room with a shade less lamp. You grab a PBR bottle from the bar and enjoy the ride. Not to heavy and not to slow...just right.

I'm not from the Triangle area originally, but from what I've heard through dusting off some old 7"'s and finding a tape deck laying around and listening to this music from a historical point of reference, Can Joann just seems to fall in line with the natural progression of things and whether they mean to or not, upon first listening, there was this sound that hit me and I knew it was NC.

Listening to these guys brought me back to my days at The Covered Dish in Gainesville, listening to rock music, and having a good time. From sampling the EP and now Hurt People Hurt People, I'm officially a fan. I don't know if it's the clean instrumentation, the song-writing, the hooks, but Can Joann isn't afraid to take a broad swipe at NC's rock history and make it their own. With musical references that could go on and on, I've rambled long enough. Check out two tracks from HPHP for yourself and make sure to see them live this month at:

Thursday, 10.19.06. At Joe and Jo's Durham, NC. Part of Troika Music Festival. 5 other bands that night at that venue. Can Joann at 7 PM.

2. Saturday, 10.14.06. At Raleigh Music Hall. Raleigh, NC. w/ Tiger Thief

.: Indecision's Way
.: After the Seizure is Gone

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