XIU XIU are, how should I say it, amazing. Yeah, amazing will work. I've loved their music for some time and like most music I end up falling in love with, at first it was misunderstood or experienced in the wrong context, and sometimes your life needs to be in line to get some of the things I post here.

If you've listened to XIU XIU in the past and it just wasn't your bag, I will ask you to revisit them on their latest album, Air Force. A much more excessable album, or at least from what I've heard from friends that were not as fond of their previous works, but I do agree. There is a more "song" stucture here, but the writing and instrumentation are what really draw me to the album. I thought their last album was the high water mark. Once again I've been corrected.

Check out Boy Soprano from the album Air Force below, and check out their myspace and website for a few more tracks.

.: Boy Soprano

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