The Collective

Below is all the info for the latest addition of The Collective, airing Friday, September 29th at 9:30pm on Channel 24. If you're in the area and seen the show, I hope you are enjoying it and please, if you have videos, you're a director/producer, band, label, etc. send them our way.

Mates of States
Like U Like Crazy
Album: Bring It Back
Dir. Roboshobo

The Language of the Living Dead
Album: Blacklist EP
Dir. Eva Aridjis

Tapes n' Tapes
Album: The Loon
Dir. Carolyn London

Bright Eyes
First Day of My Life
Album: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
Dir. John Cameron Mitchell

The Long Winters
Fire Island, AK
Album: Putting the Days to Bed
Dir. Bex Schwartz

Ded Bleaux
Dir. Chris Martin

Viva Voce
From the Devil Himself
Album: Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
Dir. Moh Azima

Azure Ray
We Are Mice
Album: Hold On Love
Dir. Mik Fackler