The Sea & The Gulls

The Sea & The Gulls make perfect summer time music. Upbeat mostly and musically interesting, inspiring Sufjan stylings, with Belle & Sebastian at their most positive and joyous moments. Vocal harmonies layered upon a blanket of acoustic guitars fill the headphones, with thoughts of the outdooors and picnics, beaches and bumblebees, the wind and waves, but without all the ultra-pop that the above would normally describe. Short and sweet, perfect for any mixtape. Leah and Todd bring that now and again smile to my music catalog and hopefully to yours as well.

They are releasing an album, Things That Fly, in the coming months, so be on the look out for that. Below are two tracks that might possibly be on that album. For more info check them out on myspace.

.: Paper Planes
.: Seagulls V.1

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